A programming
for teenagers

We offer two skill level paths for learning to program in Python. If you're just starting out, adventure into programming with the first path and naturally progress to the second.

The first path is for beginners and based on the book 'Code in Python — let's create an adventure game'. We write an interesting game full of graphics, sound and music. Here you'll find all the necessary resources to complete the project. The following steps show you how to install the program in which you'll write and run code for the game. You can download program code corresponding to the chapters of the book as well as all required graphic and sound files.

The second path is for the more advanced. We add an external device, a controller called 'PAD'. The PAD, of course, allows control of the main character in the game and comes with a dedicated set of software libraries so you can also program it. Additionally, we can add various external sensors to make coding even more fun! PAD is a great tool for use in computer labs.